CA16231 – European Network of Vaccine Adjuvants (ENOVA)

Почеток-Крај: 2017-2022

Број на COST Акција: CA16231

Име на COST Акцијата: European Network of Vaccine Adjuvants (ENOVA)

Веб страница-Линк:

Краток опис: This Action aims to bring together experts and stakeholders from the three main areas of vaccine research: human infectious disease, cancer, and animal disease in order to address one of the most critical steps in vaccine development: the use of adjuvants in vaccine formulations. The ultimate goal is to establish a platform to discuss, share and synergize available knowledge on adjuvants and vaccine formulation, and to coordinate their translation into successful, safe and innovative vaccines. Significant effort will be placed on bridging these three separated vaccine fields. This network will significantly strengthen ongoing EU-funded activities and provide a platform for accelerating the development of affordable and effective vaccines in Europe. In addition, as well as sharing their experiences with each other, the Action participants will also engage the general public, providing impartial, balanced and scientific information on adjuvants and vaccines. This Action will contribute to the strengthening of Europe’s position as a global leader in vaccinology, and will increase knowledge across the currently separated fields of vaccine development, as well as providing a repository of information for the European public about vaccines and vaccination.

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