Enrollment to Veterinary Studies in English

The university graduate course of veterinary study program on English at the FVMS is conducted as an integrated under-graduate and graduate course in veterinary medicine and lasts 5.5 years (11 semesters).

Upon completion, the academic title of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is awarded.

More information’s can be found here.

This section, guides you through the process and explains every step what is necessary to enroll at the study program.

If you have any questions regarding the steps for enrollment, feel free to contact the Vice dean for Education, prof. d-r Ksenija Ilievska (e-mail: kilievska@fvm.ukim.edu.mk) or directly on phone: +389 70 245 438.


The application process at FVM-S starts at the end of August and continues till the end of September in order to allow to all foreign students to have enough time to gathered the documents (nostrification and etc.) that should be submitted.

The first step to apply at the Faculty of veterinary medicine, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius (FVM-S) is mandatory completion the Form of Interest. (Download)

Please fill the form and as a scanned version with signature send to: international@fvm.ukim.edu.mk

NOTE: Please be aware that total number of students that can be admitted at FVMS is 15.


Diploma (certificate) nostrification is a process of recognition of a foreign diploma conducted by the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of North Macedonia.

All applicants are required to submit a decision on the recognition of foreign qualification before admission.

The process of diploma nostrification least approximately 2 months and should be done ahead (June-July), prior to term of submitting the documents to the FVMS e-mail address after announced the Open Competition for enrolment of students at the veterinary study program.

This process is mandatory in order to facilitate the access to further higher education and it is recommended to start the validation process. Documents for the process of diploma nostrification are submited by online application (https://e-uslugi.mon.gov.mk/#/)

Here you can found more information for the process of diploma nostrification. (Documents for nostrification).


The admission of students is done through an “Open competition”, published annually by the University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje.

There are three enrollment deadlines announced in the Open Competition that will be announced on the official web page at FVM-S and UKIM at the beginig of june 2023.

First round Second round Third round
Application of candidates 30.08. / 31.08.2023 18.09 / 19.09.2023 28.09.2023
Preliminary rang list of applied candidates 4.09. 2023 21.09.2023  
Final admissions decisions for candidates 11.09. 2023 25.09.2023
Enrollment of candidates 12. / 13.09. 2023 26.09.2023 30.09.2023

When applying, in the email address provided by the Faculty (international@fvm.ukim.edu.mk) the candidates need to download, scan and attach the application form A1 (Download) along with all required application documents (Follow this link).


Once the list of admitted candidates is announced on the FVM-S website, students must submit the following documents for enrollment and pay the first installment of the participation.

The fee must be paid within three weeks from the date of receiving formal Letter of Acceptance in electronic format.

The payment of your tuition fee is an essential part of your registration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: !!! Remember to quote your name when making a payment.


Adequate and valid travel medical insurance that covers the expenses which may arise during the applicant’s stay in RNM or in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment. The applicant must provide proof of travel medical insurance for the entire duration of his stay in RNM.


For foreign students, before application for study program please find additional information about visa requirements for entering in the Republic of North Macedonia and visa application procedure in the following link (https://www.mfa.gov.mk/en/page/12/foreign-citizens).

A foreign student who intends to stay in the Republic of North Macedonia for more than three months must have a temporary residence permit as a student. The foreigner submits the application for temporary residence permit to the Embassy or consulate of the Republic of North Macedonia in the country from which he arrive.

A temporary residence permit is given in person by the Ministry of Internal Affairs upon his/her entry into the Republic of North Macedonia.

You can find an additional information on the official site of www.mvr.gov.mk in the part of legislation –The Law on Foreigners.


Republic of North Macedonia is located in the southeastern part of Europe and is a landlocked country with different geographical landscape – high mountains, rivers and valleys. Today, the infrastructure is well developed and Macedonia is the main junction at the southern part of Europe (https://travelmacedonia.info).

Learn about transportation options to get you in Skopje and to the Faculty.