Reception office

Reception section as a unit of the Veterinary Institute at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Skopje is involved in scientific research and applicative work in all departments and laboratories of the institute. Its primary goal is to establish connection between sectors of applied veterinary medicine in Macedonia with modern scientific methods and diagnostic techniques for diseases. Reception office applies specific software systems that perform statistic analysis of conducted surveys in regular diagnostic and continuous researchs.

By following the process of analysis of submitted material for examination until the final result, this unit is capable of monitoring and intervention on overall diagnostic procedure. Reception office through its work provides ongoing implementation of quality research and its application in a daily veterinary practice. Of particular importance for Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Skopje, is implementation of informatic technologies in veterinary medicine, respectively this unit is one of the few in Macedonia, that deals with the application of interdisciplinary and latest informatics technologies of veterinary medical science that represents current European and world trend in the adequate sciences. This represents an ongoing challenge for the development and improvement in the relevant areas of future work at this unit.