Evaluation of studies of veterinary medicine on FVMS

Evaluation of studies of veterinary medicine on FVMS presents duty which has been overtaken since becoming a member of European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE). Responsibility for this process first, belongs to the Management through providing adequate conditions for performing of veterinary education, tracing of quality and its constant improvement, following European and world standards.

Extraordinary importance in this process belongs to teaching staff, who should strive towards improvement of education process using new information, implementing contemporary methods of education, as well as transparent and objective methods for examination of knowledge and skills. These should lead to fulfilment of minimal European Union standards for veterinary education.

Currently FVMS is in evaluation procedure managed by EAEVE, knowing that this is difficult and demanding process but eventually it will contribute towards improvement of education, positive evaluation of the Faculty and more attractive place to study for future students, not only national but also students from abroad.


EAEVE Coordinator: Prof. Vlatko Ilieski, PhD
Phone: ++389 02 3240 761
E-mail: vilieski@fvm.ukim.edu.mk