The routine work in the institute laboratories comprises the applicative section of the Faculty. Testing and diagnosis of animal diseases, monitoring and detection of residues and contaminants in resources and products of animal origin is in accordance with Macedonian legislative policies for animal and public health protection (Official Gazette of RM No.80/2011). This legislative package includes protection measures and time-lines for their implementation in animals affected by contagious and parasitic diseases, directives for monitoring and control of residues and contaminants in live animals and food of animal origin, directives for implementation of official controls and monitoring measures for residues and forbidden substances, and directive for procedures which should be undertaken in case of suspicion or finding of these substances.

All the analysis in the Faculty laboratories are funded in accordance with the program for veterinary public health and the directive for undertaking measures in veterinary public health such as veterinary monitoring systems and controls for protection of the public health from contaminants and residues which are transmissible through animals or animal products (Official Gazette of RM No.178/2011).
The applicative section of the Faculty is in service of the Food and Veterinary Agency, the human and animal food operators, the industry as well as for all individual customers which have need for any of the analytical procedures accredited by the standard ISO-17 025.