About the programme

CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) is student and teaching staff mobility programme within member countries. With signing of international Agreement the member countries governments are obligated to obtain mobility costs. Users of these resources are member countries high schools, linked into the network. Use of predicted number of grants within CEEPUS by the faculties is adopted every year.

The aim of the programme is improvement of students’ and academic staff’ links in member countries. The programme came in force on 1st of December 1994. Member countries and founders of CEEPUS are Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, since 1995 Croatia, since 1996 Czech Republic, since 1998 Romania. Currently CEEPUS has 14 members (besides countries mentioned above, also Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia are joined to the programme).

Our Faculty has been joined to the programme via veterinary schools network VetNEST, which, besides FVMS includes veterinary schools from Austria (Vienna), Czech Republic (Brno), Hungary (Budapest), Poland (Wrocław), Slovakia (Košice), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Croatia (Zagreb), Serbia (Belgrade) and Albania (Tirana).

Who can apply for use of CEEPUS grant?

– All persons with nationality of CEEPUS member countries
– Longest length of grants is 12 months.


Till 15th of June Networks send applications for winter semester to the National Coordinators (NCO).
After 15th of June Host countries deliver grants for winter semester.
Till 15th of November Networks send applications for summer semester to the National Coordinators (NCO).
After 15th of November Host countries deliver grants for summer semester.

Application for mobility

– Phases and steps

1. Step (application in native country)

Selection of the grant
Application (Application form via Internet)
Deliverance of the grant
Acceptation of delivered grant
Preparations for travel

2. Step (use of grant in the host country)

The host fills the Letter of Confirmation

3. Step (documentation in native country)

Letter of Confirmation is delivered to the NCO
Delivering report about the stay within 14 days after returning.
Note: Those who will not use the delivered grant, and not canceled it in time, will be unable for further use of grants.
(different in every country)



CEEPUS Coordinator: Prof. Zehra Hajrulai-Musliu, PhD
Phone: ++389 02 3240 760
E-mail: zhajrulai@fvm.ukim.edu.mk