Vice-Dean for Science and International Cooperation

Asst. prof. Miroslav Kjosevski, PhD, MSc, DVM
Contact phone: ++ 389 2 3240 760

In order to realize the objectives of the Faculty in terms of postgraduate studies (Masters and PhD), Vice-Dean for Science and International Cooperation, performs the following tasks of graduate studies (PhD), science and international cooperation of the Faculty:

  • Organize and control procedure for reporting and defense of doctoral dissertations;
  • care about educational issues regarding the compulsory, elective and optional subjects and the relationship between theoretical and practical training for the third cycle;
  • represents academic principles in making the study and course programs for the third cycle;
  • coordinate working groups in preparing curricula for specialist and doctoral studies;
  • monitor implementation of study and subject programs (lectures, seminars, exercises, consultations, clinical teaching) for the third cycle;
  • follow the methods of study (individual work and team research work with trainees and graduate students);
  • within the School organizes and controls the procedure for reporting and preparation of national and international projects and cooperates with Ss. Cyril and Methodius University on the matter;
  • responsible for development and coordinates all forms of international cooperation (cooperation with international institutions, colleges, universities and commercial entities) from the state and abroad;
  • promote international visibility of the scientific profile and providing an increased level of consultative and cooperative activities aimed at better access to funds for research primarily on the international stage;
  • coordinates and provides support to professional and scientific literature in the library of the Faculty;
  • prepare a plan to improve the quality of scientific publications and their application in journals with impact factor;
  • Perform other duties within the scope of science, application, or applied work, development and international cooperation, as well as other tasks entrusted by the Dean.