Vice-Dean for Education

Prof. Ksenija Ilievska, PhD, MSc, DVM
Contact phone: ++ 389 2 3240 727

In order to realize the objectives of the faculty in terms of teaching and studying, the Vice-Dean for education shall do the following within the scope of undergraduate teaching and studying at the faculty:

  • care for the teaching of integrated undergraduate degree in veterinary medicine from the first and second cycle, according to the study report of the study program;
  • coordinate working groups in the preparation of study programs;
  • follow the work of the Office of Student Affairs and proposes measures to the Dean for improvement and efficiency of the service;
  • Organize and coordinate the preparation of the schedule of classes (schedule of lectures, exercises and field training) and verification of knowledge (continuous schedule of checks and final exams);
  • organize monitoring and preparing element analysis of the success of students and the quality of teaching;
  • lead and coordinate the implementation of competitions for new students and the recruitment of students;
  • signs acts within the scope of its operations and other documents under the authority of the Dean;
  • decides on requests by students in the first instance, except for those under the regulations decides Dean;
  • offers professional literature teaching in the Library of the Faculty;
  • Perform other duties within the scope of teaching and duties issued by the Dean.