Prof. Igor Ulcar, PhD, MSc, DVM
Contact phone: ++ 389 2 3240 727

In order to achieve the objectives of the Faculty in terms of teaching and studying the Vice-dean for Education performs the following tasks:

Organisation of studies

  • educational requirements in terms of mandatory, elective and optional subjects and relations between theoretical and practical training;
  • representing the academic principles when making the study and course programs;
  • coordination of working groups in preparation curricula for the undergraduate studies;
  • performes other duties, operational at teaching for the undergraduate cycle studies.

Teaching and studying

  • monitores application of study and course programs (lectures, seminars, exercises, consultations, clinical teaching);
  • monitores methods of study (individual and team work with students );
  • prepares data for engagement of teaching academics and assistants, at the beginning of each semester, as well as the basics for the preparation of solutions for salary.

Assessment studies

  • methods for knowledge examination (exams, colloquia, seminar papers, tests…)
  • continuous monitoring of knowledge.
  • performs other duties in accordance with the law, Statute and general acts of UKiM and acts of the Faculty.