Quality policy

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Skopje (FVMS) strives to be the leading organization in the field of veterinary medicine in the Republic of Macedonia. That goal will be realized through continuous maintenance and improvement of scientific research, maintaining the status of a national reference laboratory in different areas, standardization and introduction of new testing and research methods, good clinical and laboratory practice and dissemination of knowledge and the achieved results through a variety of educational processes.

Quality policy will be implemented through the following principles:

• Professional approach to work, respecting the ethical codex.
• Constant communication and maintaining partnership with customers, meeting their requirements in full, and in accordance with legal regulations, standards and good laboratory practice.
• Continuous improvement of testing methods, using and developing new methods and technologies, as well as participating in proficiency tests, in order to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the results and extending the scope of accreditation.
• Use of equipment and consumables with defined quality and rational use of resources.
• Maintain high level of confidentiality towards the information received and the results of the customer, maintaining the principle of impartiality and independence in the work and services.
• Improve the competence of employees by continuous training within the institution and other relevant reputable institutions in the country and abroad. Team work, sharing the knowledge and opportunity for affirmation of every employee.
• Maintaining the determination for quality at all levels of FVMS.
• This quality policy FVMS will realize through established quality system and in a compliance with the requirements of the standard “MKS EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2006.”

All employees of FVMS are responsible for realization of this quality policy.

Prof. Lazo Pendovski, DVM, PhD