At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Skopje, students are organized in the frameworks of SPFVMS (Student Parliament of FVM-S), structure that represents student interests in local, national and international relations. The President of SPFVMS is member of the Deans Council and along with two representatives from SPFVMS are full members of the Educational-Scientific Council at FVM-S, thus being able to be directly included in the decision making policy of the Faculty and to transparently follow the process of problem solvingregarding their own issues.

Their task is also focused at establishing and keeping good relations with domestic and foreign universities by organizing and visiting annual student meetings. The student VETERINIJADA, MSI (Inter-University Student Games), University Basketball, Football and Handball Leagues are just one of the many platforms where students establish and share good social relations. Students of FVM-S are privileged with discounts for variety of sport and culture manifestations, as well as for public transport.