Computer Classroom


The Faculty of veterinary medicine in Skopje has a computer room within the library with 15 new computers, with internet access, and also with access to CLIVE data base.

With realization of the Tempus project CD JEP-15017-2000 “Improving of the veterinary education in R. of Macedonia” the Faculty became associate member of the CLIVE consortium. With this the Faculty has got opportunity for using the computer educative programs issued by this consortium in its teaching programs.

Enrichment of the library with new titles of computer educative materials, as well as the equipped computer center, allows to the students, not only using the CLIVE educative programs, but also easier access to internet and to main international data bases from the field of the veterinary medicine.

Computer center is designed for use by students and professors of the Faculty with purpose of organizing modular teaching. This approach modernized teaching and allowed easier application of ECTS. For the students more than 70 educative programs from the CLIVE package are available.

These programs also could be used by the doctors of the veterinary medicine who are interested for continued professional development and by the student from the related fields as medicine, agriculture and biology science. For this purpose an informative brochure with abbreviated preview of the computer educative programs in the computer center is prepared.