The Faculty Student Assembly of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Skopje (FSA FVMS) is a body of the Faculty in which student representatives are members. Representatives in the college student body are elected by direct, fair and democratic elections by secret ballot. All students of the Faculty, who are enrolled in studies in the academic year in which the Faculty Student Assembly is elected, have the right to elect and be elected members of the Faculty Student Assembly. The term of office of the members and the president of the Faculty Student Assembly is one year, with the right to one re-election. The election of the members and the President of the Faculty Student Assembly is held each year in accordance with the Statute of the University Student Assembly.

In order to exercise the rights and protect the interests of the students, the Faculty Student Assembly elects and dismisses the student representatives in the faculty bodies, in accordance with the law, with the University Statute and the Statute of the Faculty. The work of the Faculty Student Assembly is financed by the funds of the faculty within which the Faculty Student Assembly operates. The Student Assembly is chaired by a president who is elected by direct and secret ballot. The President of the Faculty Student Assembly executes the decisions of the Faculty Student Assembly, represents the students and the Faculty Student Assembly and is responsible for its work.

Elections for members and president of the FSА FVMS are announced by the dean compulsory within 30 days prior to their holding. In the decision for announcing the elections, the Dean appoints an election commission consisting of students and teachers, that is, associates, who conducts the elections for members of the Faculty Student Assembly. The majority of the members of the electoral commission are students. The procedure for election and the number of FSА FVMS members, as well as the bodies of FSА FVMS and the manner of their election shall be governed by the FVMS Statute in accordance with the University Statute. FSA FVMS also acts on the basis of its own statute, which it adopts upon prior approval by the FVMS Teaching and Research Council.

FSA FVMS delegates its representatives to the Dean’s Office and the FVMS Teaching and Scientific Council, through which students participate in the work of the faculty bodies. Also, it elects a Deputy Student Ombudsman, and delegates his representatives to the University Student Assembly (USA UKIM), which in turn participates in the work of the University’s bodies and bodies.

Currently, FSA FVMS members are:


Jane Vlahov


from first year:
Maja Perovska
Tamara Tankoska

from second year:
Mila Brsjak
Filip Tashev

from third year:
Nenad Dimkovski
Methods Ilieski

from fourth year:
Ivana Vasilevska
Stefan Tekovski

from fifth year:
Maria Solakova
Simona Hadziska

from year six:
Ivana Arsovska
Sara Gjorgjievska

The representatives of the FSA FVMS at the University Student Assembly are:

Tamara Tankoska
Filip Tashev

Decision on the adoption of the Statute of the FSS-FVMS 18-536-2 (10.4.2020)

Statute of the FSS