Vision / Mission


Faculty of veterinary medicine in Skopje (FVMS), tends to be internationally competitive accredited laboratory which performs routine laboratory tests related to food safety, animal health and animal welfare in their varieties in R. Macedonia. Accredited laboratories of FVMS endeavour to be “National Referent Laboratory” for control of food safety and monitoring of residues, control of zoonotic diseases and antimicrobial resistant as provided in the regulation EC/882/2004. FVMS will always issue reliable results to the customers for all samples tested under the same, according to the latest national and international standards and legislation. FVMS will maintain high level of confidentiality to clients for testing results and high level of services depending on customer needs.


FVMS is higher-education institution with highly qualified employees and modern equipment, having the capacity to deliver high quality and professional services in the field of veterinary medicine, both in the laboratory tastings, as well as in the educational processes. Personnel of FVMS is oriented toward the timely, professional, impartial, confidential and competent fulfillment of the customers requirements, within their jurisdictions and legal norms.