Clinical/Field Practice

Coordinator: prof. Dr. Plamen Trojachanec

Clinical / field practice is foreseen for each study year with a fund of 240 hours. The condition is for enrollment in each major study year. In the first five years students should be admitted to the University Veterinary Hospital or to laboratories at FVMS, or in ambulances, farms and industrial establishments that have signed a contract with the Faculty (extra-mural practice), free choice. In XI semester practice is realized exclusively outside of the Faculty (extramurally) and is a condition for joining the preparation and defense of the thesis. Not included in the credits of the study program, but will be listed in the Diploma Supplement.

Guidance on clinical / field practice can be found here. During the clinical / field practice, the student runs a working diary, according to a template that can be downloaded here, and also the instruction for keeping this diary can also be found here. Hence you can download the other forms needed for the realization of this practice: an internal referral and internal confirmation, if the practice is realized at the Faculty, ie a referral and confirmation, if the practice is realized outside of the Faculty (extramurally).