Veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine – Doctoral (PhD) third cycle of studies

The study program is implemented within the School of Doctoral Studies at the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”. Given that this program is no longer organized by specializations in which the mobility of students was hampered or limited, students will get significantly greater mobility in selecting subjects for the content of which they will be interested and in tune with the theme of their doctoral thesis.
New doctoral studies provide designing curriculum depending on the specifics of the theme of the candidate, the current research activities of the institution, as well as the future professional engagement of the candidate. The study program is organized as a program for PhDs in order to educate researchers showing greater interest in science as a profession, and for researchers who want to connect veterinary science with practice by which they will acquire academic qualifications for work in certain veterinary subspecialties. Besides the “internal mobility” these doctoral studies are an opportunity for mobility to other, related programs and faculties within the university.
New doctoral studies are an integral part of the new model for building a career which gives a better perspective for the future researchers on their individual development and an opportunity for bigger choice in the early stage of their professional career. Upon successful completion, young scientists will gain the ability for independent research in multidisciplinary teams from many areas of biotechnology and medical sciences.
Study program has duration of 3 years (6 semesters) and contains in total 180 ECTS credit points, where every credit point is equivalent to 30 hours total working engagement.
The total amount of credit points (180) is awarded with these components of the third cycle of doctoral studies:

  • Research training = 30 ECTS:
    – Three compulsory courses for gaining generic knowledge = 12 ECTS, and
    – Doctoral seminars, conferences and workshops for research practice = 18 ECTS;
  • Education with ten elective courses in the candidate’s research field and discipline = 30 ECTS, and
  • Application, creating and awarding of PhD dissertation = 120 ECTS

Teaching of the courses is carried out in Macedonian and / or English depending on the linguistic homogeneity or heterogeneity of the students. The PhD dissertation has to be written in Macedonian and / or English. Presentation of PhD dissertation is in public, in Macedonian or English.
With completing of this study program, the candidate gets high-education qualification (professional title) Doctor of Science in the field of Veterinary Medicine (PhD).

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The elaborate for re-accreditation of the study program Veterinary Medicine (2021) can be seen here . </ Br>

The decision for accreditation of the study program of the third cycle Veterinary medicine, can be seen here. 

The decision to start with the study program of the Ministry of Education and Science can be seen here.