Food Safety

Food safety – Doctoral (PhD) third cycle of studies

The study program is implemented within the School of Doctoral Studies at the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”. Its objectives is education of those who want to be involved in the food monitoring chain for obtaining food quality and safety which with globalization of the market have got international importance. Today when the customers’ conscience is on very high level, when the concurrency on the food market is very big, when Macedonia is in process of integration with the world market, the production of safe foodstuffs becomes very significant and the need of high educated professional staff is essential. The use of new technologies and increasing number of additives in food production for prolonging of its expiring date and diversity, requires serious food safety risk evaluation analyses and risk management. Because of this society needs appropriate educated experts who have to poses all needed knowledge and skills for development and implementation of new methods and techniques for obtaining food products safety on the market. Doctoral studies of food safety are direct continuation of graduate studies of veterinary medicine at FVMS where student gain necessary knowledge and skills for introducing the analyses, understanding and explanation of the processes occurring in the production chain, and legal regulations in the field of food management in harmony with international standards.
Study program has duration of 3 years (6 semesters) and contains in total 180 ECTS credit points, where every credit point is equivalent to 30 hours total working engagement.
The total amount of credit points (180) is awarded with these components of the third cycle of doctoral studies:

  • Research training = 30 ECTS:
    – Three compulsory courses for gaining generic knowledge = 12 ECTS, and
    – Doctoral seminars, conferences and workshops for research practice = 18 ECTS;
  • Education with seven elective courses in the candidate’s research field and discipline = 30 ECTS, and
  • Application, creating and awarding of PhD dissertation = 120 ECTS

Teaching of the courses is carried out in Macedonian and / or English depending on the linguistic homogeneity or heterogeneity of the students. The PhD dissertation has to be written in Macedonian and / or English. Presentation of PhD dissertation is in public, in Macedonian or English.
With completing of this study program, the candidate gets high-education qualification (professional title) Doctor of Science in the field of Food Safety (PhD).

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The decision for the accreditation of the study program from the Accreditation board in higher education can be seen here.