The Faculty of veterinary medicine in Skopje has a continuous collaboration with numerous related institutions in the region, Europe and wider in the world. The teaching staff is qualified in the leading scientific-research institutions in the area of the veterinary medicine in the EU countries. Reputable visiting professors at the Faculty transfer their knowledge to our students. Also, professors from FVMS teach at many Universities in Europe.

The faculty has implemented and is implementing a large number of national, bilateral and international projects. In most of them its’ roll has the European Union (FP6, COST action), and as partners are Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and other countries. With these projects our staff has not only gained expertise appropriate to the staff in the developed countries, but is able to teach the staff in the developing countries. In the frames of this activities FVMS has hosted numerous experts from different European and non European countries (Belarus, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Sudan, Madagascar), who have used our resources for their improvement, or our staff has been guest at their institutions, and the education has been conducted there.