Faculty Management Board

The Dean’s office is a managing body of the Faculty. Dean’s administration consists of the dean, vice-deans, heads of institutes and President of the Student Parliament of the faculty.
The Dean’s office within its jurisdiction has the following:

  • is responsible for realizing the activity and development of the faculty and the relations with the wider community and state authorities;
  • adopt regulations and monitor their enforcement, unless the acts that are at the responsibility of the Scientific Council;
  • adopt the financial plan and adopt annual account (financial annual report) within the single financial plan of the University and the consolidated balance sheet of the University;
  • by law, the University proposes to amend or extend the activity;
  • prepares and proposes acts and materials issues decided by the Scientific Council and the Dean;
  • decide on proposals from the Scientific Council;
  • makes decisions on class schedules and teaching (teaching assistance), the draft of internal organizational units;
  • Adopt a program for study visits of associates / assistants, students and realization of visiting professors from the Faculty of foreign universities;
  • it determines the scope of participation in the educational process of assistants – PhD
  • adopt’s a plan for public acquisitions;
  • decisions on public acquisitions that are the responsibility of the governing body, in accordance with the Public Procurement Law and the University acts;
  • decide on the requests of the students;
  • decide on the measures proposed for the creation and development of teaching and scientific offspring and to work with particularly successful and talented students;
  • decide on the proposed measures to promote teaching, and applied decide on the proposed measures to promote the teaching, scientific research and applied research or application work and the computer network;
  • Perform other duties prescribed by this Rule.

Members of Faculty Management Board:

Prof. Lazo Pendovski, PhD

Prof. Ksenija Ilievska, PhD
Vice-dean for education

Asst. Prof. Miroslav Kjosevski, PhD
Vice-dean for science and
International cooperation

Prof. Iskra Cvetkovikj, PhD
Vice-dean for finance

Prof. Dean Jankuloski, PhD
Head of the
Food Institute

Prof. Kiril Krstevski, PhD
Head of the
Veterinary Institute

Prof. Toni Dovenski, PhD
Head of the Institute of
Reproduction and Biomedicine
Jane Vlahov
President of SPFVMS