Studies on Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Skopje

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Skopje (FVMS) organizes studies of veterinary medicine, which include issues from animal health protection, especially diseases which could be transmitted from animals to humans, as well as food safety and veterinary public health. These studies are designed according European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and Bologna Process propositions, all legal acts from the field of high education in Republic of Macedonia, and also the Statute and other legal acts of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, where FVMS is integrative unit.

Studies of veterinary medicine at FVMS include three study programmes:

  • integrated studies of first and second cycle Veterinary medicine (graduated studies)
  • doctoral studies of third cycle Veterinary medicine
  • doctoral studies of third cycle Food safety

All three study programmes are accredited by national accreditation body Board for accreditation and evaluation of high education of Republic of Macedonia and are adopted by Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Macedonia.