International Veterinary Student Organization (IVSA) is international veterinary student association founded in 1951 in Utrecht, Netherlands. Association has more than 50 members around the world and is continualy involved in making connections with countries which are not its members. IVSA Macedonia on Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Skopje become a member of the big IVSA family on 20.07.1994 after the summer congress in Berlin. Our local committee for IVSA membership is registrated with the constitutional name of our country.

IVSA Macedonia within the world IVSA based in Copenhagen has this objectives and tasks: improvement of the quality of the study, ehchanging of experience and informations, helping each other (donation of books and other teaching stuff), allowing work on science projects, introduction with new knowledge in veterinary medicine, as well as organizing group and individual exchanges with students, participation of students on simposia and congresses in organization of world IVSA, on local meetings in organization of particular faculties of veterinary medicine, and all that with goal of making bigger activity and information of the students – members of IVSA.

In previous period, IVSA Macedonia successfuly works and acts because of engagement of all student who were or are still its members, as well as because of the support which IVSA Macedonia gets this 12 years from FVM-S. The successes are seen via activities which IVSA Macedonia has been realized in the last years. This activities include participation on the all congresses and simposia since 1994, realization of many group exchanges, summer student practice in almost all countries in Europe and USA, organization of IVSA Macedonia “Lake Week” and many other IVSA activities. IVSA Macedonia makes acception of new members at the start of every academic year. Members could be all the student of the Faculty, regardless of the study year.