Departments have common scientific areas of research as the Institutes to which they belong, thus connecting the educational, scientific and applicative sections of the Faculty in one process. They are represented by Full Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Collaborates which are specialized in the appropriate scientific fields.

These units of the Faculty are creating the educational and studying programs for students and researchers. Their task is to monitor and up-date the educational process according to the modern scientific and legislative trends, and to answer all the issues coming up from these modifications. One of the most important priority is to continuously educate and train the staff that transfers the knowledge to the students and incorporates the scientific into applicative work. Creating of educational materials like books, study guides and scripts is a continuous process that makes all the scientific achievements and knowledge to be presented to students of all study cycles in a hard-copy form.

Within the Veterinary Institute the following departments are organized:

  • Department of farm animals-Internal medicine (more)
  • Department of small animal internal medicine and horses (more)
  • Department of biology and pathology of fish, bees and wild animals (more)
  • Department of veterinary surgery (more)
  • Department for infectious diseases and epidemiology (more)
  • Department of avian diseases (more)
  • Department of parasitology and parasitic diseases (more)
  • Department of pathology and forensic medicine (more)
  • Department of pathophysiology (more)
  • Department of animal hygiene and environmental (more)

Within the Institute of Food the following departments are organized:

  • Department of food safety and veterinary public health (more)
  • Department of nutrition of farm animals (more)
  • Department of Chemistry (more)
  • Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology (more)
  • Department of economics and management (more)
  • Department of Veterinary Legislation (more)

Within the Institute of Reproduction and Biomedicine the following departments are organized:

  • Department of Biochemistry and cell biology (more)
  • Department of functional morphology (more)
  • Department of animal science (more)
  • Department of reproduction (more)