The departments represent teaching, scientific and functional unit of the Faculty, which are formed in order to harmonize and develop the teaching, educational, scientific-research and applied activities. The departments are consists of employees selected in teaching, scientific and associate positions, from the same or related scientific field, a full-time employees at the faculty.

One of the main tasks of the department is to review the issues and problems that arise during the implementation of the study programs and at the same time to harmonize the higher education, along with scientific research and applicative work.

The professors within the department take care for the transfer of scientific research achievements and knowledge in the educational process and their inclusion in study programs in all study cycles. Professional and scientific training of professors and other associates is carried out throw the departments, also they propose topics for all organized cycles of higher education, as well as textbooks, teaching materials and professional literature.

Following departments are organized within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine:

  • Department of Chemistry (more)
  • Department of Biochemistry and Cell biology (more)
  • Department of Functional morphology (more)
  • Department of Animal breeding(повеќе)
  • Department of Animal nutritions (more)
  • Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology (more)
  • Department of Animal hygiene and environmental (more)
  • Department of Veterinary economics, management and bistatistics (more)
  • Department of Microbiology and immunology (more)
  • Department of Parasitology and parasitic diseases (more)
  • Department of Veterinary legislation (more)
  • Department of Pathophysiology (more)
  • Department of Pathology and forensic medicine (more)
  • Department of X ray diagnostic and phisical therapy (more)
  • Department of Internal medicine in farm animals (more)
  • Department of Internal diseases in small animal and horses (more)
  • Department for Infectious diseases and epidemiology (more)
  • Department of Biology and pathology of fish, bees and wild animals (more)
  • Department of Avian diseases (more)
  • Department of reproduction (more)
  • Department of Surgery, orthopedics and ophthalmology (more)
  • Department of Food safety and veterinary public health (more)