Department of Animal Hygiene and Environmental

Definition of subject: Animal Hygiene and Environmental

Animal hygiene is scientific discipline for physiological and ethological needs of animals, necessary conditions for good health and animal production. These disciplines examine the disturbances caused by impact of immediate environment for obtaining information about multifactorial etiology and pathological mechanism of the disease.

Subject in veterinary education

Animal hygiene is the clinical subject.

Purpose of subject

The main purpose of animal hygiene is gain knowledge for impact of environment and hygiene conditions on the health and productive capacity of animals. With this subject students will provide an appropriate approach when analyzing decline the production, abnormal behavior and diseases of animals in their complex interactions with the environment (environment) and also to create favorable hygienic conditions in which animals will feel good, maintaining the health of highest level, and production and reproduction of animals the maximum possible level of their cultivation and exploitation.

Perform teaching

Education is included in II and III semester, with overall 90 hours, 45 hours theory and 45 hours practical work for students.

Methodology of the subject

Theory: interactive lectures in large group with discussions, presentations of students and their further activities
Practical teaching: exercises and other forms of practical work in smaller groups, field visits, homework and seminar presentations: learning using professional literature and Internet, preparation seminar work (essay / poster) presentation and discussion.

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