Teaching-Scientific Organization Units

For educational and research activities, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Skopje is organized in scientific and educational unit- Institutes. There are three teaching-scientific organization units in FVM-S:

  • Veterinary Institute
  • Institute for Food Safety
  • Institute for Reproduction and Biomedicine

The all Institutes of the Faculty are constituted by different departments, laboratories and clinics where the processes of education, research and application are effecting.

The capacities of the Veterinary Institute give opportunity for students to learn the fundamental principles of veterinary medicine by the educational process in the clinical departments. This Institute incorporates laboratories for diagnosis of infectious diseases affecting farm animals and humans, being included and regulated by the state policies. Another unit of the veterinary Institute is the University Veterinary Clinic which offers a wide range of diagnostic, surgical and therapeutical prospects.

The Food Institute includes departments focusing on food safety, food quality and veterinary public health issues. The laboratories are specialized in testing food safety and quality for human consumption, using different microbiological, chemical and nutritive analysis methods. They also offer an opportunity for animal food and water analysis.

The Institute for Reproduction and Biomedicine incorporates departments and laboratories which focus on issues regarding animal breeding, reproduction and animal welfare, but also those that study the fundamentals of veterinary medicine by pre-clinical subjects. The laboratory for Semen evaluation, Cryopreservation and Assisted Reproduction performs a wide range of scientific studies in the field of Andrology. Plastination laboratory produce anatomical models which are widely used for the education process. Department for Histology, Embryology as well the laboratories for Clinical Biochemistry are fully engaged in the work process of the University Veterinary Clinic of the Faculty of veterinary medicine in Skopje.