Laboratory for raw milk quality

The laboratory for raw milk quality at the Faculty of veterinary medicine performs analysis of samples for the milk producers and the milk processors.

The following analysis are made:

  • 1. Freezing point of milk
  • 2. Quantitative determination of bacteriological quality
  • 3. Detection of inhibitory substances in milk
  • 4. Determination of contents of fat, protein and lactose
  • 5. Enumeration of somatic cells

All analysis in the laboratory are made with equipment specialised for the milk and dairy industry. The following equipment is used in the laboratory:

  • Foss Milkoscan 4000: instrument for chemical analysis of raw milk (milk fat, protein, lactose, dry matter);
  • Foss Fossomatic 5000: instrument for enumeration of somatic cells in raw milk;
  • Foss Bactoscan: instrument for determination of total number of bacteria in raw milk;
  • Bentley Bactocount IBC: instrument for determination of total number of bacteria in raw milk;
  • Funke Gerber Cryostar: instrument used for determination of the freezing point of raw milk (percentage of added water);
  • DSM Delvotest SP-NT: test for detection of inhibitory substances (antibiotics) in milk.

On 19.12.2008 the laboratory has finished the process of accreditation according to the ISO 17025:2006. With this we fulfilled the requirements needed for certification by the Food and Veterinary Directorate (ex-Veterinary inspectorate) as Approved laboratory for raw milk quality analysis.

The laboratory is the best solution for the milk producers and the milk processors for the control of the raw milk quality because of: its independence, well educated staff, the specialised equipment and instruments, the possibility of organising educative and consultative trainings with the milk producers and the excellent cooperation with the farm veterinarians and veterinary inspectors.

In the future the laboratory will continue to cooperate with all involved parties in the dairy industry, will work with the milk producers through intensive trainings for good manufactaring practice, will publish manuals for milk storage and handling and will perform training of persons for milk sampling.