Doctoral (PhD) Studies

The third cycle of studies – doctoral studies at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Skopje as an integrative segment of postgraduate studies at UKIM are organized and realized by the School for Doctoral Studies at UKIM, from the academic year 2011/2012, in accordance with the rules of the European Credit Transfer System, Grounded in the Bologna Declaration and aligned with the most relevant normative acts, conferences, declarations, seminars devoted to this topic from 2003-2009.
The third cycle of studies represents an upgrade in the completion of the professional skills and competences and capabilities for scientific research work of graduated veterinary doctors and other related disciplines. The Doctoral Studies School has established the basic principles of education and science that will guarantee uniform quality of postgraduate graduate students.

These doctoral studies have a modern curriculum that provides comprehensiveness, systematized approach and complexity in the postgraduate education of future doctors of science. The goals of these studies are to provide a comprehensive knowledge of scientific theories, methodologies and instruments that form the basis for research in veterinary science and public health; Developing the skills for individual understanding and dealing with the given tasks and topics; Preparation for individual research and education in veterinary medicine through academic, private and public research and consulting organizations; Providing the availability of expert skills in designing research, methods and dissemination.
Study programs for doctoral studies in the veterinary sciences of students who have completed the integrated first and second cycle of undergraduate studies at the faculty of veterinary medicine (330 credits) and students from other regulated professions and other related professions enable them to improve the competencies of Independent researcher and after winning 180 credits, to gain the title of Doctor of Science.
According to the first Accreditation Decisions 12-95 / 5 from 04.03.2011 and 12-223 / 2 from 25.07.2012, received by the Board for Accreditation and Evaluation of Higher Education of the Republic of Macedonia, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Skopje 2 study programs of third cycle studies have been accredited for a period of three years.
• Study program – VETERINARY MEDICINE – at the end of which students acquire a scientific degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
• Study program – FOOD SAFETY, with the completion of which students acquire a scientific degree: PhD in Food Safety.
The study programs in 2017 were re-accredited with the Accreditation Decisions obtained from the Board for Accreditation and Evaluation of Higher Education of the Republic of Macedonia, 17-360 / 4 from 09.03.2017 for the Doctoral Study “Food Safety” respectively 17-361 / 5 from 09.03.2017 for “Veterinary medicine”, which enabled conditions for continuous postgraduate education at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Skopje.

The study program Food Safety was re-accredited for the second time in 2020 with the Accreditation Decision obtained from the Accreditation Board of Higher Education of the Republic of Northern Macedonia no. 08-125 / 4 dated 20.11.2020.