Department of avian diseases

1. Definition of the subject: Avian diseases

Avian diseases is a scientific discipline which helps students to obtain basic knowledge of the diseases in birds and their control as well as basic principles of intensive poultry production and its impact on the poultry health.

2. Subject in the veterinary medicine

Avian diseases is clinical subject.

3. Aim of the subject

Basic aim of the subject is to provide students of veterinary medicine with necessary knowledge for health and diseases of domestic poultry and other birds aimed for production. Special emphasize is put in familiarizing and mastering of basic principles of industrial poultry production, such as diagnostics, prevention and eradication of poultry diseases. Aim of the practical course is to student to become familiar with rearing of poultry and basics of the clinical and laboratory investigation in order to achieve true diagnose.

4. Execution of the lectures

Subject is taught in 10th (X) semester, with total number of 90 hours, consisting of 45 theoretical lectures and 45 practical lectures.

5. Methodology of the subject

Theoretical lectures: interactive (lectures in large group with discussion and involvement of the students). Practical lectures: laboratory drills and other form of activity with smaller groups, visits to poultry farms. Seminar work: studying with using of specialized literature and internet, preparing of seminar thesis (assay/poster); presentation and discussion about seminar thesis.