Independent Practice Outside FVMS

Coordinator: prof. Dr. Ksenija Ilievska

Independent internship outside the faculty The independent practice outside the faculty aims to enable students to gain their practical experience directly from veterinary practitioners and to get acquainted with the daily work and responsibilities in veterinary practice. The internship is performed without supervision by FVMS, in the presence of a veterinary practitioner, who is authorized by the Faculty, i.e. with whom the Faculty has concluded a cooperation agreement.

During the internship, the student keeps notes on all activities in the work diary which is signed by the responsible person (practitioner). The work during the internship is mainly individual to different types of patients, accompanied by an authorized veterinarian. Students are required to demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge and skills that they will apply throughout the internship. The independent internship is performed after listening to the 10th, ie in the 11th semester and is a condition for joining the preparation and defense of a diploma thesis. For the realization of the independent internship outside the faculty, a referral and a certificate signed by the responsible person are needed, which is submitted to the coordinator for independent internship together with the completed work diary. The list of active cooperation agreements is published on the FVMS website.