National Platform for Improving Biosecurity in Dairy Cattle Farms (NAPIB)

Главен истражувач: доц. д-р Мирослав Ќосевски

Учесници: доц. д-р Мирослав Ќосевски, проф. д-р Кирил Крстевски, н.сор. д-р Бранко Анѓеловски, проф. д-р Александар Додовски, проф д-р Игор Џаџовски и д-р Александар Јаневски

Партнери во пректот: Food and Veterinary Agency, Macedonian Veterinary Chamber and Association of Farmers

Времетраење: 01.20.2021-30.09. 2021

Финансиран од: FAO – EuFMD-SEE FAR

Тип на проектот: Меѓунароен проект

Резиме на проектот: Biosecurity, in general, represents combination of all the different measures implemented to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of disease agents. Biosecurity is the foundation of any successful disease prevention and control program. Predominant part of the cattle farms in Macedonia are dairy farms and very small percentage are meat oriented. The current national legislation and FVA set the basic guidelines regarding cattle on-farm biosecurity, yet at this moment there are no specific protocols for assessing biosecurity and farm categorization, as well as, defined minimum criteria that farmers should fulfill. The objective of this project is to establish a National Platform for Improving Biosecurity in dairy cattle farms, with special focus on TADS, which will identify on-farm biosecurity risks, develop recommendations for improvement of on-farm biosecurity and will continuously monitor the biosecurity implementation on national level. The project will be implemented in three major phases: I – National Platform for Improving Biosecurity (NAPIB); II – On-farm biosecurity assessment; and III – Criteria for on-farm biosecurity and NAPIB Sustainability