Laboratory of Pathophysiology

New trends in veterinary practice require modern laboratory diagnostics for:

  • Veterinary hematology and hemostasis,
  • Veterinary clinical biochemistry,
  • Urinalysis,
  • Endocrinology, and
  • Cytology and examination of bodily fluids.

The laboratory is equipped with modern laboratory equipment for clinical diagnostics, and services and activities of this lab are intended for:

  • Routine clinical analysis of patients
  • Collaboration with veterinary clinics

Laboratory testing and the interpretation of the results, are accomplished in order to improve cooperation with clients, veterinary clinics, with farmers and stockbreeders.

Laboratory provides:

  • Fast, easy and routine diagnosis of diseases in large and small animals
  • raising the level of clinical practice, and
  • establishing a system of health control.

The laboratory implemented:

  • Modern analytical methods according standard operating procedures and
  • high level of service.

Besides the routine analysis of this laboratory is:

  • increased and reinforcement the capacity of scientific research and
  • realizing of scientific-research projects.

In this laboratory work trained and skilled staff with knowledge and experience gained in the known and recognized laboratories.

This laboratory is open for international cooperation with other laboratories, faculties and other institutions dealing with the same issues in other to exchange knowledge and experiences.