Center for side effects and information for veterinary medical products

The Center for side effects and informing on veterinary medicinal preparations (VMP) performs the following activities:

  • Service Centre to the Food and Veterinary Agency of Republic of Macedonia enforcement program for monitoring the side effects of using veterinary medicinal products (VMP),
  • Organized and regular monitoring and detections of unwanted reactions of using VMP in animals and humans, database records, scientific evaluation, and providing suitable new information for the safety of the drug or for the trail drug, as well as the relation between risks/benefits by the use of the drug or its interactions with other drugs,
  • Organized monitoring, evaluation and informing about the problems of absence of the expected performance of the VMP, their unauthorized use, the period and the problems of the short withdrawal period, the emergence of resistance and possible environmental problems that occur as a result of the use of VMP,
  • Informing and educating the veterinary practitioners for proper use of VMP in terms of their rational use through continuous education.