University veterinary hospital started working in the new capacities of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Skopje

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Skopje at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje today puts into operation the new facilities and equipment of the University Veterinary Hospital in the country.

The University Veterinary Hospital now has at its disposal approximately 500m2 of rooms for performing veterinary activity, which constitute a functional unit that is unique in the country and in the wider region with such capacity.

The hospital is designed for general and specialist examinations of pets and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, has two fully equipped operating rooms with apparatus for inhalation anesthesia, dental office, diagnostic laboratory for modern parabiological and , new equipment for X-ray diagnostics as well as ultrasound and ECG diagnostics.

The University Veterinary Hospital is also confirmed by the official services of the Food and Veterinary Agency, which is responsible for the Register of authorized veterinary companies, which concluded that it complies with all regulations in accordance with the Rulebook on the conditions for approval of veterinary clinic, veterinary hospital and veterinary service at the kennel (Official Gazette of RM, no. 124 from 5.7.2018). According to the FVA register, this is the only authorized Veterinary Hospital in our country that is approved by the competent authorities and has facilities for accommodation and care of animals.

The hospital has a highly trained team of experts, professors, associate doctoral students, all specialists in various fields, who are trained in the most modern centers for the treatment of pets.

In the area of ​​hospital treatment, there is a special section provided for accommodation and therapy of animals, a room for artificial insemination of animals with early diagnosis of pregnancy as well as facilities for diagnosis of malignant diseases and surgical interventions.

Pet owners will receive advice and guidance on their care and nutrition, preventive vaccinations, parasite control and most importantly emergency and critical care.

With this, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Skopje significantly increased the veterinary health capacity in our country and the University Veterinary Hospital with its facilities, equipment and professional staff is confirmed as a leader and driver of modern diagnostics, prevention and treatment of pets.