Successfully completed student summer practice in Troyan (Bulgaria)

In the period from 16 to 20 July 2019 students from FVM-S Simona Hadziska, Andrijana Tonchevska, Kosta Petreski, Vladimir Rusovski, Elena Mitrevska, Ivan Janev and Ivan Lozanche successfully completed the student summer practice organized by the Veterinary Faculty in Sofia (Bulgaria), which this year it took place at the Training Center at the Institute for Mountain Livestock and Farming in Troyan. The summer practice included two lectures, field practice in a private cow farm, a visit to the farms within the Institute (for cows, sheep and goats), as well as a visit to the Natural Science Museum near Troyan. The students were accompanied by prof. Dr. Igor Ulchar, and assoc. dr. Branko Atanasov, who was one of the lecturers.