Successfully held educational workshop on ,,World Antibiotic Awareness Week’’

The IVSA – Skopje students organized an educational workshop on 18.11.2019 in honor of the ,,World Antibiotic Awareness Week’’ in collaboration with the Pharmacology professor – prof. d-r Romel Velev.

The professor opened the workshop and he gave the students a short introduction in the problems that occur with the antibiotic resistant bacteria and the animal and human health.

Then, our students held a presentation on the theme ,,Rational use of antibiotics in pets’’ divided in the following subjects:

  • Nada Cvetanovska – ,,Antimicrobial substances, their importance in veterinary medicine and the emergence of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria’’.
  • Elisaveta Lukanovska – ,,The use of antimicrobial substances in small animals and the outbreaks of zoonoses’’.
  • Andrijana Toncevska – ,,Rulebook for rational use of antibiotics in small animals and creating a system for zoonotic prevention’’.

After the presentation Iva Tasevska, Jana Kjortoseva and Nadja Georgieva prepared a quiz for the other students with questions from the previous presentation. The students could grade their knowledge in antibiotic resistant bacteria and the lecturers could grade their presentation’s efficiency.