CA18102 – The European Aquatic Animal Tracking Network

Почеток-Крај: 2019-2023

Број на COST Акција: CA18102

Име на COST Акцијата: The European Aquatic Animal Tracking Network

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Краток опис: Telemetry is a commonly applied method to investigate the ecology and movement behaviour of aquatic species in relation to their environment. It provides a scientific basis for management and conservation and has significantly improved our understanding of ecosystem functioning and dynamics. More specifically, telemetry provides valuable data that can be used in many policies and directives. As a result, large scale nationally and regionally managed initiatives were implemented around the globe in recent years. Although there is a large and growing number of researchers in Europe using biotelemetry to study aquatic animals and answer management-related questions, there is a stringent lack of in-field telemetry collaborations in Europe. This situation represents a substantial loss of opportunities for: scientific excellence, funding opportunities and competitivity of European SME on the international biotelemetry market. With this COST Action, we want to close this gap and the overarching objective is to ensure a transition from a loosely-coordinated set of existing regional telemetry initiatives to a sustainable, efficient, and integrated pan-European biotelemetry network embedded in the international context of already existing initiatives. This will be achieved through working group meetings, workshops, training courses and scientific missions focused on: 1) Implementing a centralised European database, requirements and policy mapped to the data standards of existing international biotelemetry data systems, 2) improve the usefulness and inter-applicability of currently available technology and foster technological advancements, 3) promoting the establishment of key telemetry infrastructure and research on key species, and 4) provide continuous training opportunities and disseminate knowledge to the stakeholders’ community.

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