Successfully completed the “20th International Veterinary medicine students scientific research congress” at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Istanbul, Turkey

In the period from 03-05 May 2018, the “20th International Scientific Research Veterinary Medical Congress of Students” was held at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Istanbul, Turkey. Three students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Skopje, Dimitar Bozhinovski , Lina Nakevska and Sandra Tashkovska were introducing  FVM-S with oral presentations from areas of anatomy, pathophysiology and animal welfare of domestic animals:

  • Dimitar Bozhinovski (student of the fifth year): “Interpretation of computer tomography (CT) split images using S10 thin-plastinated anima model” under the mentorship of: Dr. Lazo Pendovski and prof. Dr. Vlatko Ileski from the Department of Anatomy of Domestic Animals.
  • Lina Nakevska (student of the fifth year): “Multimodal Management Aproach in Assaf Sheep Breeding” under the mentorship of: prof. Igor Ulchar and Assoc. Dr. Irena Celeska from the Department of Pathophysiology.
  • Sandra Tashkovska (student of the second year): “Circardian behavioral rhythm of dairy cows in a loose housing system” under the mentorship of: prof. Dr. Vlatko Ileski and Assoc. Dr. Miroslav Radevski from the Department of Animal Welfare of domestic animals.

The students successfully realized their projects, thus gaining experience of presenting and presenting skills at a higher level before public and international publicity, thus perfectly demonstrating their intellectual capacity in writing abstracts, researching and producing scientific papers, which will enable them facilitate work for further challenges. Above all, contacts have been obtained from the other Faculties of Veterinary Medicine in international circles, contacts have been exchanged and the ambition for further cooperation is clearly visibl