Info: Call for enrollment at the third cycle – doctoral studies at the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje for the academic year 2018/2019

– Basic admission requirements and criteria
Right for enrollment into doctoral studies have persons who have completed relevant study
programs that meet the following basic criteria:
• completed second cycle studies in line with the European Credit Transfer System (hereinafter:
ECTS credits);
• completed graduate studies before the introduction of the European Credit Transfer System.
For these candidates, 60 credits of research training and education shall be recognized;
• Professional qualification according to study programs for regulated professions with at least
300 ECTS credits;
• an average grade of at least 8,00 for all subjects of the previous completed higher education, (I
and II studies, i.e. undergraduate and postgraduate);
• Knowledge of one of the world languages. Required certificate:
– Certificate issued by the Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” in Skopje (not older than
five years) or
– International certificate (not older than five years) or
– Undergraduate studies (first cycle) or postgraduate studies (second cycle), completed in
one of the world’s languages.
* for more info regarding admission requirements and criteria per study program, please contact
the Doctoral school

– Selection of candidates
After the application deadlines, council of the study programs will announce preliminary ranking
list of applicants admitted to doctoral studies, for each study program or subprogram separately.
For applicants who will not qualify for enrollment into doctoral studies, council of the study
programs will announce a separate list.
Lists will be published on the website of the School of Doctoral Studies.
Applicants have the right to appeal the list within 36 hours.
The complaints should be submitted in the School of Doctoral Studies in writing and addressed
to the Council of the study program.
The Council of the study program adopts the final decision within 36 hours.
After the complaints procedure, the Council of the study program, shall make the final list of
admitted candidates within 5 days and shall proceed with the decision upon the final list to the
Council for doctoral studies for confirmation. The confirmed final list by the Council for
doctoral studies is final.
The confirmed final lists shall be published on the website of the School of Doctoral Studies.
– Application Requirements
For applying to the Call, the following documents should be submitted.
• application form;
• a letter of motivation noting the area of research and proposal for a mentor from the list of
• preliminary approval from the chosen potential mentor;
• CV;
• documents that prove fulfillment of the requirements for registration, such as:
– Transcript of the first cycle of studies or undergraduate studies
– Transcript of the second cycle of studies or postgraduate studies
– Diploma of first cycle studies of undergraduate studies
– Diploma of second cycle of studies or postgraduate studies
– Certificate / Certificate of knowledge of world language under the conditions in Chapter II,
paragraph 1, line 5;
– Applicants who completed his/her secondary school, undergraduate (first cycle) or/and
postgraduate (second cycle) abroad, must submit nostrificated documents, and the equivalence
scores, in cases when the grading system is different than in Macedonia.
Documentation is submitted in photocopy and originals are submitted for inspection.
Documents submitted by post must be notarized.
Incomplete applications of candidates will not be considered.
Application of candidates 12.9 – 28.9.2018
Further information can be obtained at the School of Doctoral Studies.
• Bul. Goce Delchev No. 9, 1000 Skopje
• contact persons:
– Violeta Langovska (e-mail: )
– Katerina Klimoska (e-mail: )
• website:

You can see the info here.

You can get Application form for students entering the third cycle – doctoral studies the academic 2018/2019 here.