Establishment of Safer Animal Rescue Capacity

Head Researcher: Prof. Dr. Lazo Pendovski

Participants from FVMS: Prof. Dr. Igor Ulcar, Prof. Dr. Plamen Trojacanec, Prof. Dr. Zehra Hajrulai-Musliu, Prof. Dr. Florina Popovska Percinik, Ass. Prof. Nikola Adamov, Ass. Prof. Irena Celeska, Miroslav Radevski DVM, Martin Nikolovski DVM

Duration: 04.22.2016 – 22.04.2018

Funded by: Erasmus Plus Program / KA2 – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education

Type of project: International

Our project will aims at mobilising regional, national and european actors for the development of safer animal rescue capacities initially among partners and subsequently at the broader national and European levels. The project will aim at developing and delivering training for experts, awareness and first-response measures for inhabitants and animal owners, establishment of long-term collaboration in training and certification and supporting the development of a sustainable plan for safe animal rescue for Turkey and Europe.


Main OBJECTIVES of Our Project:

1- Ensuring the physical integrity of rescued animals using modern animal rescue techniques

2- Developing and updating current training content and methodologies for animal rescue teams

3- Establishment of a long-term training and certification process and centres at local levels and national levels in the long term

4- Developing and enhancing the safe animal rescue capacities contributing to the enhancement of the safe animal rescue strategy at national levels

5- Developing the capacities and expertise of the Aksaray and partner Universities in the application of veterinary knowledge and expertise into the animal rescue domain

6- The establishment of an exemplary animal rescue

7- Developing the collaboration and knowledge-sharing capacities of project partners and enhancing their international reach and involvement.