Dr. Szilvia Vetter

Szilvia Vetter is the head of the Center for Animal Welfare of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest as a research fellow, developer and lecturer of a new mandatory multidisciplinary course for veterinary students in their fourth year called “Comparative Animal Protection”. She is a voting member of the National Animal Protection Council representing the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest.

She is a graduated lawyer, in addition got a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Management and Business Administration Sciences. She wrote her PhD in the field of animal cruelty, she established a new indicator called Anti-Cruelty Criminal Index and made a comparison among fifteen European states according to their anti-animal abuse criminal provisions. As a lecturer of animal protection at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, she gives her lectures in Hungarian, English and German languages.

She is an experienced Director of Communications with a demonstrated history of working in the state relations industry, she was among others the Chief Press Officer of the Constitutional Court of Hungary and of the Hungarian Tourism Ltd. In 2020, she received the “Man of Words 2020” award from the National Association of Hungarian Spokesmen, which is considered one of the most prestigious communication professional awards in the country. Skilled in communication, animal welfare, event management and public speaking. She is the author of two books, a novel and an animal welfare storybook for children.