Prof. dr. Kresimir Severin

Associate Professor Krešimir Severin, DVM, PhD (Zagreb, 1976), after taking his degree at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb, worked from 2003 as a research fellow at the Department for Game Biology, Pathology and Breeding. From 2009 – 2011 he was employed at the Department of Forensic and State Veterinary Medicine as a teaching assistant, and from 2011-2013 as assistant professor. As a Ph.D. student he attended several long and short term specialization courses in the field of wildlife diseases, molecular diagnostics, and veterinary pathology. K. Severin has long term experience in the field of veterinary parasitology of wild mammals. More recently the areas of his research have also been diagnostic methods and distribution of tumours in animals. In 2013 he was appointed Court expert for forensic veterinary medicine by the County Court in Zagreb. His area of professional work is focused on the crime scene investigation, morphological and molecular identification of vertebrates and forensic veterinary pathology (post-mortem interval, blunt force and sharp force injuries, physical injury, etc.). The teaching activities in the field of State veterinary medicine are focused on EU and Croatian veterinary legislation whit particular regard on animal welfare and animal health. As a member of the commission he participated in the drafting of laws and bylaws in the field of veterinary activities as well as animal protection. To date, K. Severin has published more than 100 scientific and professional papers, of which 41 were published in journals indexed by Web of Science (WoS).