Laboratory for micro biology of food and feed

The laboratory for micro biology of food and feed is a modern equipped laboratory with trained staff, accredited according to ISO 17025. The laboratory services provided by this laboratory are in compliance with modern needs and requirements of food business operators in the validation of their procedures, as well as the competent inspection authorities performing controls on the safety of food imports and in the domestic market. The laboratory of microbiology of food and feed is a national testing laboratory in food pathogens (Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter spp., E. Coli O157:H7).

In this laboratory the following type of testing is performed:

  • microbiological analysis of raw materials, food and feed,
  • microbiological analysis of potable water and water used in food industry,
  • microbiological analysis of swabs from surfaces and swabs from the carcasses of slaughteredanimals,
  • implementation of the activities of the National monitoring programme for testing Salmonella spp.,
  • determination of antimicrobial resistance of isolates,
  • screening tests for detection the presence of antimicrobial substances in foodstuffs.

The laboratory has seven employees, including: an MSc in Quality and food safety, three analysts doctors of veterinary medicine and three laboratory technicians.

All of the tests in the laboratory are performed according to ISO accredited methods or ISO methods or other internationally accepted standards, in constant communication with clients on the course and selection of analytical methods. Currently, the laboratory is working with 13 methods accredited according to ISO for testing food and feed and materials taken from the food processing objects and 5 methods for testing water accredited according to ISO.