Laboratory for assisted reproduction

This laboratory uses and develops modern biotechnological methods for improvement of genetic progress in livestock production, as well as for investigation and maintenance of genetic diversity in the indigenous breeds of domestic animals. It comprises Embryo Transfer (ET) and In Vitro Production (IVP) of embryos, as most common technologies for assisted reproduction which promise faster and more reliable genetic progress in quality of farm animals. With them, carrying out proper procedures, the risk of infectious diseases transmission is minimized compared to natural mating or artificial insemination. Furthermore, these techniques ensure preservation of genetic material for theoretically unlimited time by cryoconservation of oocytes, embryos and semen from sires.

The laboratory also collaborates with related national and foreign institutions for implementation of research projects in the field of assisted reproduction.

Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer (MOET)

Superovulation and collection of embryos

  • Selection of donor animals
  • Hormonal procedure for superovulation
  • Estrous synchronization in recipients of embryos
  • Recovery of embryos by different methods and media for flushing of uterus (surgical, transcervical, laparosopic)

Manipulation with embryos in vitro
  • Evaluation and classification of embryo quality
  • Regularity of the shape of the embryo
  • Compactness of the cells (blastomers)
  • Uniformity and variation in cell size
  • Color and texture of the cytoplasm
  • Diameter of embryo
  • Presence of extruded cells
  • Normal shape of the zona pellucida
  • Presence of cellular debris and large vesicles
  • Cultivation and short time storing of embryos
  • Freezing and thawing procedures for embryos by different methods: conventional, vitrification, “direct transfer” and “open pulled-straw method”
  • Carrying out related manipulation techniques (embryo splitting, sexing and cloning)
  • Thawing and transfer of embryos
  • Ultrasound pregnancy diagnostics

In vitro embryo production (IVP) protocols – IVM/IMF/IVC (In vitro maturation, fertilization and cultivation)
  • Recovery of oocytes by aspiration of ovarian follicles obtained from slaughterhouse
  • Collection of oocytes from live donors by Ultrasound guided Ovum Pick-Up (OPU)
  • Performing in vitro oocyte maturation (IVM) in CO2 incubator
  • Sperm preparation and estimation of oocyte maturation degree
  • Embryo cultivation in CO2 incubator
  • Freezing end preparation for embryo transfer
Application of laparoscopic technique in assisted reproduction
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis
  • Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination (LAI)
  • Transfer of Embryos