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Врз основа на заклучоците на Комисијата за заразни болести на Министерството за здравство, утврдени на седницата одржана на 10.03.2020 година, како и врз основа на Одлуката на Владата на РСМ, а со цел да се заштити здравјето на студентите и вработените и да се заострат мерките и активностите за превенција од ширење на корона вирусот, Универзитетот „Св. Кирил и Методиј“ во Скопје го запира одвивањето на наставниот процес во текот на наредните 14 дена – во периодот од 11 до 24.03.2020 година.

Известувањето од Факултетот можете да го видите тука.

Целото известување можете да го видите тука.

Date: 27-29 May 2020

Duration: 3 days

Location: Hotel Sileks, Ohrid, R. North Macedonia

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius University” in Skopje, together with the Charles Louis Davis and Samuel Wesley Thompson DVM Foundation from the USA will be hosting the 3rd international Annual Davis-Thompson Foundation Eastern European Veterinary Pathology Meeting. The meeting will take place at Hotel Sileks in Ohrid, R. North Macedonia.

Renowned veterinary specialists, Dr. Monika Welle (Institute for Animal Pathology, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern, Switzerland) and Dr. Matti Kiupel (College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University, USA), will give lectures on dermatopathology, diseases of pigs and tumour grading, as well as Dr. Trpe Ristoski (Department of pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Skopje) for Infection diseases of dog and cat.

For further information regarding the event, contact the following email addresses:  or


PROGRAM for the meeting (here)


The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Skopje successfully accredited English course of undergraduate first and second cycle integrated studies of Veterinary medicine. The student enrollment in this study program will begin in August-September of the 2020/2021 school year.

The student enrollment in this study program it is expected to begin in September of the 2020/2021 school year.

More information about the study program can be found here.

Во петок на 14.02.2020 со почеток од 9:00 часот во предавална 2 при Факултетот за ветеринарна медицина – Скопје ќе се одржи координативен состанок со поголемите свињарски фарми за активностите поврзани со болеста африканска чума кај свињите.

Агендата можете да ја превземете тука.

Delegation from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Skopje, led by the Dean prof. Lazo Pendovski, prof. Dr. Zehra F. Musliu, prof. Dr. Velimir Stojkovski and prof. Dean Jankuloski, made an official visit to the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology – MBA KI. Skrjabin, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the academy. The official meeting confirmed the collaboration between the two institutions by signing another cooperation agreement with the new rector of the academy, prof. Sergei Vladimirovich Posabin confirms the collaboration in the field of education and research, as well as the mobility of students and teaching staff, exchange of scientific publications and information as well as collaboration in the application of joint scientific and research projects of mutual interest.

Delegation from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Skopje, led by the Dean prof. Lazo Pendovski made an official visit on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Natural Sciences and Technologies in Helgawa, Latvia. On behalf of the FVMS staff, the Dean of the Academy congratulates prof. Kasparas Kovalenko for the achievements of this prestigious EAEVE full member. In his brief address to the academy, the Dean gave them sincere wishes for future development and success in scientific and educational achievements, emphasizing the recently signed agreement on mutual cooperation that would further strengthen the cooperation between the two institutions.

The IVSA – Skopje students organized an educational workshop on 18.11.2019 in honor of the ,,World Antibiotic Awareness Week’’ in collaboration with the Pharmacology professor – prof. d-r Romel Velev.

The professor opened the workshop and he gave the students a short introduction in the problems that occur with the antibiotic resistant bacteria and the animal and human health.

Then, our students held a presentation on the theme ,,Rational use of antibiotics in pets’’ divided in the following subjects:

  • Nada Cvetanovska – ,,Antimicrobial substances, their importance in veterinary medicine and the emergence of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria’’.
  • Elisaveta Lukanovska – ,,The use of antimicrobial substances in small animals and the outbreaks of zoonoses’’.
  • Andrijana Toncevska – ,,Rulebook for rational use of antibiotics in small animals and creating a system for zoonotic prevention’’.

After the presentation Iva Tasevska, Jana Kjortoseva and Nadja Georgieva prepared a quiz for the other students with questions from the previous presentation. The students could grade their knowledge in antibiotic resistant bacteria and the lecturers could grade their presentation’s efficiency.

На 15 Ноември 2019 година, деканот проф. д-р Лазо Пендовски, ги додели дипломите на 25-та генерација студенти која ги заврши студиите на Факултетот за ветеринарна медицина – Скопје. Притоа од името на сите професори и соработници им го честита успешното завршување на студиска програма ветеринарана медицина и им посака успешна професионална кариера.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Skopje was awarded with a Medal of Remembrance and a Certificate of Appreciation for the successful co-operation on the 100th anniversary from the establishment of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Zagreb. The award at the solemn academy was received by the dean of FVM-S prof. Dr. Lazo Pendovski, who in the name of all the employees congratulated prof. Dr. Nenad Turk, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb and his team on the successes of this prestigious higher education institution, a leader in veterinary medicine in the region and beyond in Southeastern Europe.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Skopje submitted a request to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy for authorization of the Laboratory for performing analysis and super analysis of raw milk as a guarantee of its activities.

Upon the supervision by the МЗШВ Commission for fulfillment of the conditions referred to in Article 138 paragraph 2 of the Law on Quality of Agricultural Products (Official paper of the Republic of Macedonia No. 140/10, as amended), it was determined that the Faculty fulfills the conditions for obtaining the status of an authorized laboratory for the analysis and super-analysis of raw milk.

This solution enhances the responsibilities of the Crude Milk Quality Control Laboratory, whose staff will further address the daily challenges facing the Northern Macedonia Milk Sector.

At the same time, we are informing the public that a new automated instrument has been purchased to determine the chemical composition of raw milk (fats, proteins, lactose, dry matter, urea) and somatic cell counts (a key indicator of milk health in dairy animals). , as well as a device for counting the number of bacteria in the raw milk (a parameter that reflects the hygienic condition). All of these steps are aimed at modernizing and increasing the capacity of the Laboratory, and thus more efficient cooperation with all partners in the dairy sector. Due to all the above, the process of expanding and adapting the laboratory space has started. All of these activities are aimed at providing technical and expert support to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, the Food and Veterinary Agency and the dairy producers in the country in order to strengthen the situation in milk production.

You can see the official document here.

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