Lectures on urology and nephrology from Visiting Professor from the University of Ljubljana

Dear colleagues, in the period from 03.04.2017 to 07.04.2017 in Lecture room No. 3 at The faculty of veterinary medicine in Skopje, prof. Zlatko Pavlica, PhD, from the Faculty of veterinary medicine University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, will give lectures, within the subject Internal diseases of companion animals and horses (6 semester).

The topics of the lectures will be Urology and nephrology:
1. Clinical signs and diagnosis of urinary tract diseases.
2. Infections of the urinary tract.
3. Utolithiasis.
4. Feline urinary syndrome.
5. Changes of the urine.
6. Diseases of the prostate.
7. Polyuria and polydipsia.
8. Conditions of uremia and azotemia, electrolyte disbalance, disturbance of the acid-base balance, oximetry of blood gasses, crystalloid and colloid fluid therapy.
9. Acute and chronic renal failure.
10. Glomerular and tubular diseases.